John Wilkes Booth ‘mummy’

If you are a lover of Lincoln history, John Wilkes Booth stories, or just intriguing lore… you’ll enjoy this update from the Facebook page of Spirits-of-Tudor-Hall.

Interesting documentary made for Dr. Caleb Lack’s “Science vs. Pseudoscience” course at the University of Central Oklahoma. In it, Shari Beecher examines the convoluted conspiracy theory that John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of President Lincoln, did not in fact die as described in history books, but instead lived out his life in Texas and Oklahoma under false names before finally dying in Enid, OK. ____ from FB page Spirits-of-Tudor-Hall


We at Currier House in Havre de Grace think you may enjoy this video if you watched our video on John Surratt.

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  1. In the end of the video we learn that the Smithsonian is going to announce results of DNA testing of the body samples of the Booth supposedly killed in the barn shortly after the assassination of Lincoln this spring (2012). OR… will it be possible that indeed, the REAL John Wilkes Booth died in 1903!!!

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