Meet Miss Sadie Jane (a collie/australian shepherd mix), our newest fur-friend

Losing our precious girl, Sadie, September 2018, we wanted to give Josie and Sarah a new companion to love, to fill the void. After scouring the internet, we found Miss Sadie Jane, a collie-australian shepherd mix, in Virginia. The kind folks at Hart even delivered her to us. All are adapting beautifully! Sadie Jane has found her fur-ever home at Currier House and we couldn't be happier! If you decide to adopt a pet, please consider Hart!

Sadie loves to visit if invited at Currier House Bed & Breakfast in Havre de Grace MD
photo courtesy
Michael Grubb

Sadie & Josie

In our apartment area we have our four-legged friends, Sadie & Josie - collies extraodinaire!

They are part of our family, and "only when invited" may become friends of our guests.

Josie loves visitors at Currier House B&B in Havre de Grace MDphoto courtesy Michael Grubb

Meet Your Hosts...

Innkeeping is one of the most rewarding
experiences of my life.
  -Jane Currier

Family events left Currier House empty for over 3 years which was what brought me back to Havre de Grace and the home of my childhood. My mother, who loved history, left many documents and notes about the house's history. Unfortunately, when I was growing up here, I had no appreciation for any of this, but I do remember my father saying the house was wonderful for entertaining.

I decided to stay and convert the home into a Bed and Breakfast while maintaining its charm drawn from those who occupied it from 1861 to the present. This entailed a self-taught crash course in Maryland history, restoring a house including plumbing and wiring, and eventually learning to cook and other hosting skills. Fortunately, some of the family recipes were discovered during our restorations.

Skills learned from my previous lives as a Greenwich Village musician and 25 years as an Infection Control Practitioner helped transform me into an innkeeper. Innkeeping is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Sara and Sadie, the collie, at Currier House in Havre de Grace, MD Photo by Bill Lawson

My daughter, Sarah and I love hosting visitors to our town. We take great pleasure in welcoming them to our home. What fun to see guests relaxing on our wrap-around porch, second floor balconies or making use of the library in one of the front parlors. My father was right - the house is wonderful for entertaining.