Welcome to our home, Currier House B&B.

This will be a new experience. Your hostess, Ms. Jane, is being introduced to the wonderful world of ‘blogging.’ Be patient with her as she learns this new skill.

Ms. Jane is a great storyteller and will share with you the delightful and often hilarious experiences of running a bed and breakfast. She has enjoyed hundreds of delightful and interesting guests over the more than a decade of sharing her home.

Along with her daughter Sarah, and Sarah’s best friend Donna, they have shared the joys and frustrations of operating a bed and breakfast. But most certainly, the joys outweigh any inconveniences.

Keep checking back as Ms. Jane begins to share her stories of her guests and the many places they call home. She is also an avid historian and will share tidbits of her stories of years gone by. Prepare yourself for some fun reading!

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